From the recording Brown Stone Love

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Verse 1:

I wonder what it’s like to be a mother
I always lookout for my friends and brothers
ooh… ooh oh oh oh
You know I’d lookout for you

There’s different types of stereotypes
And people who don’t even mind
If you’re the kind always behind
The seat that you were once behind

And people who know what to do
When someone’s standing in your view
Step aside and realize
That I’m worth so much more than you

Verse 2:

I always sleep on top my sheets not under
I always walk around the streets and wonder
ooh… ooh oh oh oh
You know I wonder ‘bout you

It would be nice if we thought twice
If only you were legalized
I said goodbye two thousand times
But you just follow close behind

People tend to never remember
Always pick the seeds and stems
So in the end I recommend
Don’t ever think you’re less than them

Chorus: (x2)

There’s got to be
A better way
To get away from you


Verse 3:

I try my hardest not to be a loner
I try to finish all my assigned homework
ooh… ooh oh oh oh
But I’m distracted by you
But I’m disgraced by you