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August 2022


Booking History:


November 2020: 

Saturday, November 7th: Private Event (Westminster)
Saturday, November14th: Block Party (Huntington Beach)
Saturday, November 21st: The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa) 
Saturday, November 28th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach)

OCTOBER 2020: 

Saturday, October 3rd: Mama's (Los Alamitos) 
Saturday, October 10th: Bogart's Coffeehouse (Seal Beach) 
Saturday, October 17th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach)

September 2020: 

Saturday, September 12th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach) 
Sunday, September 13th: Private Event (Newport Beach) 
Sunday, September 17th: The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa)
Saturday, September 26th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach) 

AUGUST 2020: 

Sunday, August 2nd: The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa) 
Saturday, August 8th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach)

JULY 2020: 

Sunday, July 5th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Friday, July 17th: Bogart's Coffeehouse ALBUM RELEASE (Seal Beach)

JUNE 2020: 

Sunday, June 21st: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Saturday, June 27th: Jade (Long Beach) 
Sunday, June 28th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)

MARCH 2020: 

Sunday, March 1st: Docent Brewing Co. (San Juan Capistrano) & Auld Dubliner (Long Beach) 
Thursday, March 5th: The Harp Inn (Newport Beach) 
Friday, March 6th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach) 
Saturday, March 7th: Pechanga Resort Casino (Temecula)


Sunday, February 2nd: Elinor (Long Beach) 
Thursday, February6th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach) 
Friday, February 7th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach) 
Wednesday, February 12th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Thursday, February 13th: The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa) 
Friday, February 21st: Parker’s Lighthouse (Long Beach) 
Saturday, February 22nd: Roe Seafood (Long Beach) 
Sunday, February 23rd: Docent Brewing Co. (San Juan Capistrano) & Auld Dubliner (Long Beach) 
Tuesday, February 25th: Marine Room (Laguna Beach) 
Wednesday, February 26th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Thursday, February 27th: Jade (Long Beach) 
Friday, February 28th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)

January 2020: 

Wednesday, January 15th:  O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Thursday, January 16th: Jade Restaurant (Long Beach) 
Wednesday, January 22nd: Federal Bar - SoFar Sounds Event (Long Beach) 
Friday, January 24th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Saturday, January 25th: Roe Seafood (Long Beach) 
Tuesday, January 28th: Marine Room (Laguna Beach) 
Friday, January 31st:  Mother's Tavern (Sunset Beach)


December 2019: 

Thursday, December 5th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Friday, December 6th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach) 
Saturday, December 7th: Jade Resturant (Long Beach)  
Saturday, December 14th: Grove Of Anaheim (Anaheim)
Thursday, December 19th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 


November 2019:

Friday, November 1st: The Ordinarie (Long Beach)
Saturday, November 2nd: Mother’s Tavern (Sunset Beach) & O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Sunday, November 3rd: Jade Restaurant  (Long Beach)
Thursday, November 7th: O’malley’s On Main (9-12) 
Saturday, November 9th: Private House Party Event (Anaheim) & Jade Restaurant (Long Beach) 
Friday, November 15th: House Of Blues (Anaheim) 
Saturday, November 16th: LA Ale Works (Hawthorne)
Thursday, November 21st: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Sunday, November 24th: Docent Brewery (San Juan Capistrano) 
Saturday, November 30th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach)


October 2019: 

Friday, October 4th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach)
Saturday, October 5th: Jade Restaurant (Long Beach)
Saturday, October 12th: Roe Seafood (Long Beach) & Ohana Kitchen & Cocktails (Sunset Beach)
Thursday, October 17th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach)
Friday, October 18th: O'malley's On Main (Seal Beach) 
Saturday, October 19th: Private House Party Event (Palos Verdes Estates) 
Wednesday, October 23rd: O'Malley's On Main (Seal Beach)

September 2019:

Sunday, September 1st: Jade Restaurant (Long Beach)
Thursday, September 5th: Jade Restaurant (Long Beach)
Sunday, September 8th: Jade Restaurant (Long Beach)
Thursday, September 12th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, September 14th: Jade Restaurant (Long Beach) 
Friday, September 20th: Rusty Pelican (Newport Beach) 
Saturday, September 21st: The Ordinarie (Long Beach) & Brix at Sunset (Sunset Beach)
Thursday, September 26th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, September 28th: Roe Seafood (Long Beach)  & Ohana Kitchen & Cocktails (Sunset Beach)


August 2019: 

Thursday, August 8th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Sunday, August 11th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach)
Wednesday, August 14th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Wednesday, August 21st: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Friday, August 23rd: Shoreline Village (Long Beach)
Monday, August 26th: The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa)
Wednesday, August 28th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach)
Thursday, August 29th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Friday, August 30th: O’malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)

July 2019: 

Friday, July 19th: Shoreline Village (Long Beach) & O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Wednesday, July  24th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Thursday, July  25th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Saturday, July  27th: Rance’s Chicago Pizza (Long Beach)
Sunday, July  28th: The Ordinarie (Long Beach)

June 2019:  

Saturday, June 1st: Mother's Tavern (Sunset Beach)
Friday, June 7th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, June 8th: Rance’s Chicago Pizza (Long Beach)
Monday, June 10th: Auld Dubliner (Long Beach)
Thursday, June13th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Friday, June 14th: Ohana Kitchen & Cocktails (Sunset Beach) 
Saturday, June 15th: Private Golf Course Event (Riverside)
Friday, June 21st: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, June 22nd: Shoreline Village (Long Beach)
Wednesday, June 26th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)


 May 2019: 

Wednesday, May 8th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Thursday, May 9th: Harbor Surfboards (Seal Beach) & O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Friday, May 10th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, May 11th: Private House Party Event (Rancho Palos Verdes) 
Friday, May 17th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Thursday, May 30th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Friday, May 31st: Parker’s Lighthouse (Long Beach)


April 2019: 

Friday, April 5th: Ohana Kitchen & Cocktails (Sunset Beach)
Thursday, April 11th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Thursday, April 25th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Friday, April 26th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, April 27th: Lorimar Winery (Temecula)


March 2019: 

Thursday, March 7th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach) 
Friday, March 15th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, March 16th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Thursday, March 21st: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Friday, March 29th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Saturday, March 30th: Private Wedding (Los Angeles) 


February 2019: 

Friday, February 1st:  Parker’s Lighthouse (Long Beach)
Friday, February15th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)
Sunday, February 17th: Blue Beet (Newport Beach)
Saturday, February 23rd: Brix at Sunset (Sunset Beach)
Wednesday, February 27th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)


January 2019: 

Friday 25th: O’Malley’s On Main (Seal Beach)  
Saturday 26th: Brix at Sunset (Sunset Beach)
Thursday 31st: Brix at Sunset (Sunset Beach)